These are unprecedented times.

The world faces multiple challenges, magnified by COVID19. It’s time to build back better and create a sustainable, equitable world for all.

Our mission is to find, support, scale and celebrate the world’s leading, grassroots social enterprises that are developing solutions to the world’s biggest challenges and achieving the Global Goals in their locality, region or globally.

Together In Action is a movement of corporations, non-profits, foundations, social enterprise and dedicated individuals who believe that social enterprise is a key way that the world can address the varied challenges that it faces, achieve the Global Goals, build back better from the COVID19 pandemic and its effects, and ensure a sustainable climate for future generations.

We’re doing this in two ways:

Leading a Global Search for the most impactful youth-led, tech-enabled social enterprise on the planet.

Building a Global Innovations Platform to connect investors, organisations and philanthropists with world-changing social enterprise.

The Global Goals

Together In Action will focus on identifying, scaling and supporting social enterprise that focuses on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, also known as Global Goals, wherever they are in the world.

Together In Action and our partners believe the Global Goals are the best framework to create a world that is more equitable and sustainable for all – and plays a key role in building back from the effects of the COVID19 pandemic.

Powered by EarthTech

Together In Action is powered by EarthTech Ventures – a social enterprise based in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, Queensland, Australia. EarthTech works to build and enable scalable, high-impact social ventures for people and planet, with a focus on emerging markets globally. Over the next 10 years, EarthTech aims to scale 1,000 youth-led social enterprises and positively impact 1 billion people.

Together In Action is built on the successes and learning from the inaugural EarthTech Challenge – held between December and February 2020. This culminated in 10 finalist teams being flown to Noosa, Australia for five days of expert mentoring and assistance on Makepeace Island. Safewheel, a Bangladeshi emergency medical start-up, won the inaugural Challenge.

EarthTech matches the best young founders with global experts, attracts and deploys capital, and assists the go-to-market strategy for ventures. EarthTech sits at the intersection between impact, technology, youth entrepreneurship and venture / impact capital.


Success Stories


Safewheel provides affordable Ambulance’s and on demand emergency medical services to people in rural Bangladesh and beyond. They entered the inaugural EarthTech Challenge, impressed the judges and were deemed the overall winners of Cohort 1. 

Within 10 weeks of the Summit, EarthTech facilitated pro bono legal support, philanthropic opportunities and secured seed investment for SafeWheel and they are now on track to positively impact 4.8million people in the next 2 years. 

Respond Global

Respond Global is a Health Emergency Management Venture that empowers organisations to plan, prepare, respond and recover in times of disaster.

EarthTech is working proactively with Respond Global, helping them with their go to market strategy, product development, branding and impact measurement. Minimising friction to scale quickly.