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Village Infrastructure Angels

VIA is helping the poorest 2 billion people on the planet by building micro infrastructure projects in off-grid villages via 1 to 5-year lease-purchase contracts to finance positive technologies. The Solar LED lighting systems replace dangerous kerosene lights and candles. The world’s first solar-powered mills replace diesel mills and reduce manual labour by c. 70% when, for example, processing crops or pumping water for irrigation and drinking. Solar water pumps replace diesel pumps and solar electric cookers reduce deforestation. VIA’s offering offers a pathway to eliminate the use of dangerous kerosene by 2030.

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Pearl Entrepreneurs Academy

Providing families living on less than $2 a day in rural Uganda with access to high quality, affordable and durable clean energy products, helping them break the poverty cycle e.g. a family which owns 1 PEA solar lantern, 1 PEA cooking stove and 1 PEA water filter is capable of saving 73% of their monthly cooking, lighting and medical expenses. Simultaneously PEA provides a pathway to employ the youth and women of Uganda over the next 5 years to tackle the current 70% unemployment crisis.

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Disrupting both the product and supply chain for funeral caskets by offering low-cost, earth-friendly caskets produced from non-toxic engineered fibreboard. All Daisybox caskets ship flat-packed, ready for decoration and assembly without tools.

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Candela Energy

Mobile energy, water and internet solutions for the ‘last mile’ in underserved communities.

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Empowering farmers to increase business efficiency, wage and standard of living by: Helping them only grow crops based on-demand analytics Cutting out unnecessary middlemen in the distribution chain and helping deliver products direct to customers Offering technical and business training to farmers so they can work smarter, not longer or harder

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The world’s first real, certified technology innovation that cleans the air everywhere we live and work. Both indoors and even outdoors, using a simple water-based solution and without using filters.

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Empowering EdTech – a complete set of Class 1 to Class 12 online courses, which can be used by students in isolation (self-learning), or teachers in classrooms (blended learning). The EdTech offering also provides access to mock exams, videos, peer learning and coaching classes. The total addressable market is 4 million children.

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Brickify recycles plastic waste into fire, water, heat and wind-resistant paving bricks used to construct roads and low-cost houses. The bricks are made in the form of Lego i.e. they interlock and do not need additional materials added to them when being used for construction.

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Noomee is a mobile companion app for therapists and parents of children with Special Needs that helps to continue the daily therapy at home.

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TEM Foundation

The TEM Foundation takes the hands out of torture to work on a thing of beauty, jewellery, to protect the sexual integrity of girls & women & end female genital mutilation. 1 victim is 1 too many.

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